FX2 Graphene Atlas - 6pc

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Mackenzie FX2 Graphene Atlas

FX2 Atlas are the second generation of 6-piece Mackenzie travel rods made using Graphene, the lightest, strongest material known to man. These convenient travel rods fit comfortably into your suitcase making these rods the go-to rod for salmon and sea trout fishing around the world. FX2 rods also use a brand-new aerospace carbon technology which, along with our FX Graphene technology, has allowed us to make amongst the lightest and strongest rods on the market today. The FX2 range of rods are powerful with faster tip recovery but, importantly, retain a fairly deep progressive action, are sensitive and very user-friendly.

Key Features

  • It uses Graphene, a Nobel Prize-winning material
  • 6-piece blanks constructed with FX graphene technology
  • Custom made aluminium reel seat
  • Titanium snake eyes & stripper guides
  • High quality flor grade Portuguese cork handle
  • Beautiful aluminium rod tube and cloth bag

FX2 ATLAS-12'7"

Shorter double handed rods like this are becoming increasingly popular, making rods of this style the go to rod for fishing salmon in medium to small sized rivers around the world. This is also a very popular rod for fishing for large sea trout and steelheads. It has a progressive action but importantly retaining a fast recovery.

Rod weight - 219 grams

6 piece / Section length 68cm 

Tube length 73.5cm

Line weights

FX2 ATLAS-13'7"

This size of rod has become very popular and one of our best sellers. Its a good all rounder and is perfect for fishing right across the world for salmon, sea trout and steelheads in both medium and large systems. It has a fairly deep progressive action with a fast recovery, giving you a rod that has a beautiful casting action, but importantly a reserve of power if needed.

Rod weight - 250 grams

6 piece / Section length 73.5cm

Tube length 79cm

Line weights


FX2 ATLAS-14'9"

This rod is ideal for fishing some of the medium to large sized rivers around the world. It retains a medium action but with the Graphene technology the speed of the blank recovery has been increased, creating a rod which is well balanced, flexes well down the blank, and importantly produces a fast recovery.

Rod weight - 290 grams

6 piece / 120 cm sections 

Tube Length 127 cm 

Line weight