NX Spey Line Range

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The design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have now developed the new range of NX Spey Lines. Drawing on many years of knowledge from World leaders in Spey Casting and adopting the most up to date manufacturing processes we have now produced, what we believe to be, the best high-performance fly lines for the modern-day salmon angler. Our new NX Spey lines have many exceptional qualities including our signature combination of very durable but supple coating, this further enhances stability, presentation and turnover at all ranges. Each line has been designed to further enhance the performance of all modern-day double-handed rods, we have designed each of the different model’s length to match properly each rod size and line weight, so you have a line that is balanced for you and your rod,

The new NX Spey lines are a must for all modern-day fishermen.


Keep points

Head length  50ft, Float

Lines weight 35g or 540 grains

Overall length 120ft

Head length 55ft, Float

Line weight 43g or 663 grains

Overall length 120ft

Head length 55ft,  Float

Line weight 49g or 756 grains

Overall length 120ft

Head length 65ft, Float

Line weight 51g or 787 grains

Overall length 120ft