About Our Products

 Proven To Enhance Your Casting Performance

Mackenzie brand products are made with the highest quality materials. We understand how a fly rod and line should work. The ideal fly rod should flex well down the blank but importantly retain a fast recovery of the blank when casting, this gives the caster time to feel the rod load and unload.This in turn gives them time to perform and feel every cast properly.

The fast recovery of our blanks gives you speed, which creates energy in the blank for the rod to do the work allowing you to cast effortlessly and gain distance. Using our extensive knowledge and experience we have created some of the best fly rods and lines on the market today for all fly fishing situations.


 Designed By Team Of Casting World Champions

Mackenzie is now one of the fastest growing brands in the fly fishing world. It was founded by Scott Mackenzie 3 times world Speycasting champion, but as the company grew it recruited a number of world class fisherman to build a design team around Scott. This includes Paul Proctor international fisherman and writer, Andrew Toft a former Speycasting world champion, Iain Kirk international guide and casting instructor. The Mackenzie brand ethos is “Designed By Fishermen For Fishermen” which is encapsulated by the Mackenzie world-class design team.

 Customised Lines For All Conditions

We have a full range of all modern day Skagit, Shooting Head and Spey Line systems designed for all fishing conditions. All our lines are uniquely tapered to give top performance and turnover by themselves or when using heavy tips and large flies. All our lines have a special Polyurethane coating and non-stretch core making them not only perform better, but are much stronger and durable than normal PVC lines.

All Mackenzie shooting head systems are unique to other shooting heads on the market, they are slightly longer and weighted differently. This extra length, unique tapering and weight adjustment gives you a line that performs better with increased stability in flight, giving perfect presentation and turn over.