Skagit Tips

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Since introducing our new range of Skagit lines we have developed and now offer a range of T Tips. This series of skagit sinking tips will match any of your needs. Available in 15 foot lengths T 10, T14 and T18, these heavy sinkers have a colour coded welded loop at one end for easy attachment to your fly line and welded loop at the business end for loop to loop attachment of your leader. They can be custom cut if required to suit any skagit or spey shooting head system.

These T tips are designed to complement all three Mackenzie Skagit lines, 550, 650 or 720.


Looped at both ends for easy attachment
Coloured top loop with grain weight attached
Non tapered level line


Mackenzie Skagit T10 Tip

Length: 15’

Weight: 10 grains per foot

Sink Rate: 8” per second

Mackenzie Skagit T14 Tip

Length: 15’

Weight: 14 grains per foot

Sink Rate: 9” per second

Mackenzie Skagit T18 Tip

Length: 15’

Weight: 18 grains per foot

Sink Rate: 10” per second