G3 Phased Density 5 Multi Tip Head Additional Tips

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*These additional tips are designed to be used only with Mackenzie Phased Density 5 Multi Tip Systems

This is a very popular head, the intermediate tip keeps your fly just under the surface. It’s head allows for long flights and ease anchor placement when fishing shorter leaders.

This is a great head for pulling Sunrays and Collies and preventing the fly skating when fishing streamy water. It’s unique taper gives you great stability in flight, providing you with perfect presentation and turn over every time.

  • New ground breaking Phased Density 5 system
  • Casts superbly with smooth consistent energy transfer
  • New ultra-low stretch inner core for maximum efficiency
  • Specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops, for perfect stability and turn over
  • Perfect sinking trajectory with every cast, in all water conditions
  • All tips are designed to work with both the 42gram and 44gram multi tip shooting head system