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Mackenzie FX1 Rod - FX1-13


The 13ft rod is a popular size of rod, which can be used on small rivers for salmon, or on the bigger rivers in low water conditions. This size of rod is also popular for sea trout fishing in Tierra Del Fuego. It has a fairly through progressive action, with a relatively fast recovery. The balanced action of the FX1 rod will cast Spey lines and modern Skagit styles and shooting head systems equally well. This rod has a uniquely designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting.

Mackenzie FX1 Rod - FX1-13



  • Rod weight - 232 grams
  • 4 piece
  • 104 cm sections
  • 110 cm tube
  • Line weight - Mackenzie 50ft headed 8/9 weight DTX-G3 Spey line and the range of 38 gram DTX-G3 shooting heads, Skagit 550
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Mackenzie FX1 Rod - FX1-13 Warranty Information