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Mackenzie DTX Graphene Atlas Rod - 12'7ft


We have now taken the very popular original 6 piece Atlas range of rods and produced them using our new FX1 Graphene technology. Shorter double handed rods like this are becoming increasingly popular, making rods of this style the go to rod for fishing salmon in medium to small sized rivers around the world. This is also a very popular rod for fishing for large sea trout and steelheads. Like its big brother the 13’7 Atlas, it has a fairly deep progressive action but importantly retaining a fast recovery.

This gives you a lovely casting action and feeling down the blank even at close range casting, but at the same time giving you a reserve of power if needed for longer casting, casting sinking lines and big flies.The New Atlas Graphene rod fits comfortably into your suitcase saving you paying costly excess baggage fees from the airlines and importantly avoids the risk of your rod tube going missing in transit. The balanced action of the Atlas Graphene rods will cast Mackenzie Spey lines and our new range of Skagit and Shooting head systems equally well.

Mackenzie DTX Graphene Atlas Rod - 12'7ft



  • Rod weight - 229 grams
  • 6 piece
  • Section length 68cm
  • Tube length 73.5cm
  • Line weights - Mackenzie 38g 8/9 shooting heads - 8/9 50ft headed DTX-G3 Spey line - Skagit 550.