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Mackenzie-Phased 5 - 42g-Multi Tip - Floating


The Mackenzie Phased Density 5 Floating Multi Tip shooting head is one of our most popular lines as it offers the angler the choice of line depth by interchanging the differing densities of tip with the single density floating shooting head body. The double density tips are easily changed to allow the angler to fish whatever depth is required. This new multi tip system comes with 4 tips within a pouch and the tips have their density tattooed on the top loop for ease of identification.

Mackenzie-Phased 5 - 42g-Multi Tip - Floating



  • These lines come with 4 different tips:
  • 15ft Floating (same colour as head)
  • 15ft Hover/Intermediate (clear)
  • 15ft Sink 2/3 tips (dark green)
  • 15ft Sink 4/5 tips (dark grey)