Mackenzie DTX G2 Switch Rod - DTXG2-11'2ft #7/8

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Ideal for close to mid rang range casting where accuracy and presentation are more important than just distance

Switch rods bridge the gap between long powerful single handed rods and full on two handed rods and as such, they are a natural progression for many anglers coming from a singlehanded back ground into the world of proper two handed rods. They can be used, with the appropriate line, either single or double handed, for both Spey and overhead casts. These rods excel in situations where longer two handed salmon rods are simply too big and where long single handed rods are tiresome to use, especially when you need a bit of distance, or in windy conditions, they are also much easier to work with on small waters where big flies and heavy sink tips are required.

All our Switch Rods recover fast and have a nice progressive feel allowing razor loops to be cast with feel and precision, very important in a small river situation where stealth and accuracy is often the key to success. The lower handle of all our Switch rods can be easily removed when required for pure single handed use.

  • Slim light weight blanks
  • Stealthy dark Olive matt finish
  • High grade cork handle with composite reinforcement
  • Detachable lower handle
  • High quality single leg guides and stripping guides
  • Black satin finish, up locking aluminum reel seat
  • Alignment dots on each ferrule
  • Red alignment dot on reel seat, for easy positioning of reel
  • 4 piece rod for easy transportation
  • Distinctive and highly practical triangular shaped rod tube
  • Beautiful cloth bag