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Competition Fly Lines


So who better to design these new lines at Mackenzie than 2 of the most successful Spey casters of all time, former Spey casting World Champion’s Scott Mackenzie and Andrew Toft, for years their casting techniques and tackle designs have led the way to producing some of the best performance fly lines that have ever been produced.  Their designs have help to create lots of world recording breaking distances like of Alexander Grants distance record that had stood for 110 year until it was broken by Scott in 2005.

These new lines have a extra supple coating allowing the front loop to bite down creating a tighter more efficient front loop, this concentrated power allows the fly line to fly further by holding its shape and concentrating all the speed in the line, this gives you the full energy in the line resulting in better presentation and turn over at distance.

All this combined with our unique taper design gained through years of experience at the cutting edge of fly line design has created lines that cast further and easier than any other lines available on the market today

Competition Fly Lines

We have taken all our experience in winning multiple international and world championships titles in distance Spey casting to produce these 2 extreme distance casting lines, our competition lines have cast some of the longest distances ever achieved in Spey casting

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Summary Table

Line Name
Line Length
Line Weight
Float / Sink
72'0" Head Competition Line - 60g
73ft head
92'0" Head Competition Line - 84g
92ft head