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72'0" Head Competition Fly Line - 60g


This line comes as a long shooting head design, unlooped at the ends, the overall length of the head is 72ft.  Although we think the line is already perfectly balanced, using this technique it could still be trimmed back very slightly so you can adjust it to suit you and your rod, allowing you to create the perfect match of weight and length of line for your rod.  This line suits most 15 and 16ft rods in the 10/11 weight class. Whether you want to cast in a tournament or just enjoy casting long heads this line is a pleasure to use.  It casts effortlessly and really good distances can be achieved with minimal effort.

72'0" Head Competition Fly Line - 60g



  • 72'0"
  • 60g
  • Head Competition Line

The line comes coiled up in a box but not on a plastic spool, this is to minimise memory and potential creasing/crushing of the line on a spool.