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44g 10/11 - 13.5m Float/Intermediate shooting head


This is a very popular head, the intermediate tip keeps your fly just under the surface. It’s head allows for long flights and ease anchor placement when fishing shorter leaders. This is a great head for pulling Sunrays and Collies and preventing the fly skating when fishing streamy water. It’s unique taper gives you great stability in flight, providing you with perfect presentation and turn over every time.

44g 10/11 - 13.5m Float/Intermediate shooting head

£22.50 £45.00


  • 44g 10/11
  • 13.5m
  • Float Intermediate Tip Shooting Head
  • Unique tapering system, allows perfect presentation and turn over.
  • Low stretch core delivers more response when casting and greater sensitivity when a fish takes.
  • Specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops, for perfect stability and performance.
  • Each line is individually marked with its length and gram weight for easy identification.
  • All DTX shooting heads come looped at both ends, for easy attachment.