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Mackenzie-Phased 5 - 44g-Float/Sink 4


A popular head for fishing deep, or for keeping the fly down when fishing in fast water. The heads goes from the float/hover/neutral density/intermediate/sink 2/sink 4 tip. This head will get your fly down to the fish in the cold spring and autumn months and the low stretch core will allow you to feel every touch in the deep water. The slightly shorter 13.25m head is easily rolled back up from the depths and packs the punch to deal with fast sinking poly-leaders and large flies. It’s unique taper gives you great stability in flight, providing you with perfect presentation and turn over every time.

Mackenzie-Phased 5 - 44g-Float/Sink 4



  • 44g 10/11
  • 13.25m
  • Float/Sink4
  • New ground breaking Phased Density 5 system
  • Casts superbly with smooth consistent energy transfer
  • New ultra- low stretch inner core for maximum efficiency
  • Specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops, for perfect stability and turn over
  • Perfect sinking trajectory with every cast, in all water conditions