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44g 10/11 - 13.25m Float G3 Shooting Head Line


This is a great shooting head, it’s 13.25m length allows for long casts and helps you get consistent anchors each time, it works particularly well with poly-leaders. It’s unique taper gives you great stability in flight, providing you with perfect presentation and turn over every time

44g 10/11 - 13.25m Float G3 Shooting Head Line



  • 44g 10/11
  • 13.25m
  • Float
  • New ground breaking Phased Density 5 system
  • Casts superbly with smooth consistent energy transfer
  • New ultra- low stretch inner core for maximum efficiency
  • Specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops, for perfect stability and turn over
  • Perfect sinking trajectory with every cast, in all water conditions