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42g 9/10 - 12.5m Shooting Head Multi Tip Fly Line


This is the latest addition to Mackenzie DTX shooting range, with 2 new Multi tip Shooting head systems, these lines make fishing even easier as this line, with it’s choice of 4 easy to change tips will do you, for all but most extreme fishing conditions.

When casting any line, especially a multi tip line, it’s always important to get good turn over and presentation, the Mackenzie Multi tip shooting head system with its non stretch core and very supple polyurethane coating allows this to happen.

Mackenzie shooting heads are different in design to any other shooting head on the market today.  The unique tapering and line weight distribution is unique only to Mackenzie DTX lines. Mackenzie DTX shooting heads are on average slightly longer in length than most other makes on the market, this length of line is really important as we proportion our weight in the heads differently to any other head on the market.  Our weight distribution, where we add about 2 grams of weight to the lower mid section of the head, allows perfect transition of weight, when power is given from the rod tip right down through the line when casting.  This perfect transition of weight and power, gives you a stable line in flight, giving you perfect line shape, presentation and turn over.

42g 9/10 - 12.5m Shooting Head Multi Tip Fly Line



    The Multi Tip head comes in a faded Orange colour, which is easy to see when casting.

    • 12.5m 9/10 42g head (including tip)

     These lines comes with 4 different tips a

    • 15ft Floating (same colour as head)
    • 15ft Intermediate (light green)
    • 15ft Sink 3-4 ips (dark grey and blue)
    • 15ft Sink 6-7 ips (dark grey)