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32g 7/8 - 11m Shooting Head Floating Fly Line


This is a really nice little head on short double handed rods for summer salmon and grilse fishing, or big sea trout in Tierra del Fuego. The head fishes well as a full floater with a tapered mono leader, yet it will still carry a 10ft poly-leader with ease when required. It’s unique taper gives you great stability in flight, providing you with perfect presentation and turn over every time.

32g 7/8 - 11m Shooting Head Floating Fly Line



  • Unique tapering system, allows perfect presentation and turn over.
  • Low stretch core delivers more response when casting and greater sensitivity when a fish takes.
  • Specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops, for perfect stability and performance.
  • Each line is individually marked with its length and gram weight for easy identification.
  • All DTX shooting heads come looped at both ends,for easy attachment.