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Mackenzie FX1 Rod - FX1-15


The 15ft rod is the most popular size of rod and it is considered the best all round size of rod that will work well with most fishing situations.

This rod loads deeper than the original DTX model, this allows the caster to feel the rod load and unload better.  It allows the caster more time to achieve more consistent accurate casting. The rod has a fast recovery giving you perfect balance of feeling and power, which loads the rod well for floating line work, but it has a definite reserve of power for achieving distance or sunk line work when required.

The balanced action of the FX1 rods will cast Spey lines as well as modern day Skagit style and  Shooting head system equally as well.  It has a unique designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting. 

Mackenzie FX1 Rod - FX1-15



  • Rod weight - 310 grams
  • 4 piece
  • 120 cm sections
  • 127 cm tube
  • Line weight - Mackenzie 55ft and 65ft headed 10/11 DTX-G3 Spey lines as well as the full range of 44 gram DTX-G3 shooting heads - Skagit 720
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Mackenzie FX1 Rod - FX1-15 Warranty Information