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14'0" DTX G2 Mackenzie Spey Fly Rod


This size of rod is getting increasingly popular, as a good all rounder.  This rod has a fairly deep progressive action with a fast recovery, giving you a rod that has a beautiful casting action, with a reserve of power if needed.

The balanced action of the G2 rods will cast Spey line and modern Skagit and Shooting head systems equally well. Uniquely designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting. Lightweight high modulus carbon gives top performance when casting.

14'0" DTX G2 Mackenzie Spey Fly Rod



  • Rod weight - 272 grams
  • 4 piece
  • 112 cm sections
  • 118 cm tube
  • Line weight - Mackenzie 56ft headed, 9/10 DTX-G2 Spey line and the range of 42 gram DTX-G2 shooting heads.