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14'0" 9 FX1 Graphene Fly Rod


The Mackenzie FX1 is the first double-handed salmon rod to use graphene, a Nobel Prize winning material that is set to revolutionise carbon-composite engineering.

We’ve taken the best of our rod design experience along with Professor Gary Savage’s world leading knowledge in carbon composite technology to build what we believe to be the best fly rod ever made.

Graphene is incredibly strong and the FX1 blank is impregnated with a resin that incorporates a graphene weave. We tried the rod in less than ideal conditions and found that it flexes well during the cast and recovers powerfully. The fast recovery makes it easier to cast further with little effort. The Mackenzie FX1 blanks are built entirely in the UK using a unique process. A high pressure Auto Clave, a machine normally used to make parts for the motor racing and aerospace industries, removes more air , than the normal rod making process, creating a much stronger blank, which means the FX1 is extremely strong, durable and won’t soften or lose performance over time.

With the new FX1 Graphene rod we are at the forefront of global design and composite engineering using new materials being developed for aircraft 7 to 10 years in advance.

The rod can handle all lines from longer traditional Spey lines to short Scandi and Skagit shooting-heads. 

14'0" 9 FX1 Graphene Fly Rod



  •  Rod weight - 293 grams (quality Alps reel seat adding to overall weight)
  • 4 piece
  • 112 cm sections
  • 118 cm round sectioned aluminium rod tube
  • Line weight - Mackenzie 56ft headed, 9/10 DTX-G2 Spey line and the range of 42 gram DTX- G2 shooting heads.
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14'0" 9 FX1 Graphene Fly Rod Warranty Information