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11'4 Mackenzie Atlas Fly Rod


In response to the many requests-from our clients around the world.  The Mackenzie DTX design team have been working on new high performance 6 piece fly rods, based on our very successful DTX-G2 range. There was a time when multi section rods were challenging to produce without compromising performance, but advancements and innovations in carbon fibre and resins along with careful design have now made it possible, to provide a perfectly balanced uniform action, that flexes without compromise.

11'4 Mackenzie Atlas Fly Rod

There is an increase in demand for compact, high performance fly rods for the growing number of anglers travelling to far flung fishing destinations around the world.



  • Rod weight -147grams
  • 6 piece
  • 63 cm sections
  • 70 cm tube
  • Line weight - 25/26 grams will load this road and we also recommend the Airflo 40+ which is supplied free with the rod.
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11'4 Mackenzie Atlas Fly Rod Warranty Information