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11'2" F Graphene Switch Rod


This rod is a great all rounder for summer Salmon fishing in low water conditions and small spate rivers. It is also designed to be used across the world for Salmon, large Sea Trout, Steelhead, Trout and Pike, more in conjunction with floating lines which allows for greater accuracy and presentation. With the use of our new FX1 Graphene technology, this rods performance has been enhanced to another level. It has a more powerful faster action than the medium flex model, loads progressively and recovers even faster than the original model.

11'2" F Graphene Switch Rod



  • Rod weight - 168 grams
  • 4 piece
  • 89 cm sections
  • Line weight - 25/26 grams will load this rod and we also recommend the Airflo 40+ which is supplied free with the rod.
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11'2" F Graphene Switch Rod Warranty Information