FX1 Saltwater

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At Mackenzie we are continually listening to the requests and wishes of our customers and in doing so have found that there is an increasing demand for quality saltwater rods.  

With this in mind we utilized our award winning FX1 Graphene technology and developed a range of rods which were taken out to Mexico and put through their paces with one of our development team, Paul Procter.  Paul successfully managed to land bonefish, permit, tarpon, trevally and barracuda on all of the rods on test.
Consisting of four different models these rods are all 4 piece 9’ in length with line ratings in #8, #9, #10 & #12.  The #8 and #9 rods are also ideal for freshwater predator fishing, predominantly pike and zander.

  • Ultra light weight satin blue blanks
  • Quality Portugese cork handles
  • Quality stripper guides and snake eyes
  • Alignment dots on each section
  • High quality aluminium reel seats
  • Quality round aluminium tube

Salt 9' #8

A slick, fast action that loads quickly so a fly can confidently be pitched accurately to saltwater species in double quick time.  A forgiving tip allows for short precise casts when bonefish are sighted at the last minute.  The lower section boasts plenty of power to punch long, straight casts into headwinds.  This rod doubles up for light pike fishing also.

- Rod weight -120 grams
- 4 piece / 73cm sections
- 78.3cm Tube                                                                      

Salt 9' #9

A fast action 9-weight which packs a punch to cope with whatever questions are asked of it.  As with all the FX1 saltwater series a rod designed to deal with short range casts, yet has plenty of reserve to handle long casts with bulky flies and subdue tenacious flats fish.  This rod is also the ideal companion for those wishing to target pike on reservoirs or lakes.

- Rod weight - 124 grams
- 4 piece / 73cm sections
- 78.3cm tube                                                                     

Salt 9' #10

A progressive action and fast recovery makes this powerful 10-weight behave like a rod a couple of line sizes lighter, which is an absolute pleasure to cast.  Designed for the rigours of flats species like permit, tarpon and snook, it’s at home presenting a lightweight crab pattern to permit, or casting more bulky creations at rolling tarpon in open water.

- Rod weight - 127 grams
- 4 piece / 73cm sections
- 78.3cm tube                                                                    

Salt 9' #12

Not many 12-weights have the desired feel when casting, but we deliberated for some time on this taper to produce a powerful rod which provides feedback during casting the result is a user friendly rod.  Perfect for chasing giant trevally or other large predatory fish.  A rod that not just performs in a raging gale, but one which propels huge, awkward flies like poppers with ease.  Capable of wielding heavy wire trace rigs when sharks and barracuda or other toothy creatures are on the cards.

- Rod weight - 130 grams
- 4 piece / 73cm sections
- 78.3cm  tube